What people are saying about Stone Road.



Stone Road's cannabis is grown by two main farms in Northern California, one in Humboldt County, and one family-owned operation out of Santa Barbara, called Private Reserve.


The proceeds from the auction will benefit organizations dedicated to combatting the practice of poaching wildlife.


Lex Corwin, founder and CEO of Stone Road Farms, gave away free yoga classes and got invaluable customer data.


The marijuana industry is expanding rapidly — and people are cashing in on the opportunity.


Stone Road Farms commissioned a smokable elephant tusk for an auction benefiting the African Wildlife Foundation.


Be brand loyal to the ones who operate with heart. Stone Road’s ethos is founded upon adventuring down the road less traveled...


I originally met Lex Corwin through a circuitous, always cannabis tinged route.


One of my new favorite, and perfect to leave out on your coffee table to welcome guests.


"Most importantly, there's no overdose risk. If you're still in pain with cannabis, you can medicate until you see the desired effects," said Lex Corwin, founder of cannabis company Stone Road Farms.


“Smoking this would definitely be a multiday endeavor,” the man who commissioned the joint told HuffPost.


Doing things like everyone else only leads to mediocrity.

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Sourced from one strain of weed and pre-rolled for effortless consumption. Ignite, inhale, take it slow.


Stone Road brings the farm to your fingertips with their top-shelf cannabis pre-rolls with hash. You get 4 neatly rolled joints filled with highly potent, 100% premium flower that’s free of pesticides and synthetics.